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Due to the rapid development of China's economy, there has been a growing demand for stackers, forklifts, and pallet trucks since the late 1990's. Seeing a large potential market for material handling equipment, in 1992, we founded Yijie Equipment Co.,Ltd. to produce electric stackers, manual stackers, electric reach trucks, electric forklifts, hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, and other industrial vehicles such as tow tractors and electric carts. Since more and more maneuverable equipment that could reach greater heights were needed, we at also began to manufacture lifting equipment such as aerial order pickers, electric Scissor Lift, and scissor electric lift tables to satisfy marketing demands. Today, we can provide a complete line of products to our global customers. In addition to our standard products, we can also produce custom products to meet your specific needs. quality assurance is a priority. In order to provide better quality and reliability, we strictly inspect each manufacturing aspect, and import our main components from well-known companies to produce our material handling equipment. Our products (such as stackers, aerial work platforms, and pallet trucks) have the features of being reliable, efficient, and durable, with a long life. As a result, they have been awarded the ISO 9001 and CE certificates.

  • Manual Stacker
  • Manual StackerOur manual hydraulic stacker features simple structure, flexible operation, low failure rate and high safety. It is ideally suited for stacking, loading, unloading and transporting operations in narrow aisles and restricted spaces.
  • Electric Aerial Order Picker (FH3-3.5)
  • Electric Aerial Order Picker (FH3-3.5)The aerial order picker adopts Winner hydraulic pump station
    Advanced duel-wheel drive system
    Italian ZAPI steering system for flexible operation
    Micro oil drain valve for accurate operation
  • Telescopic Boom Lift
  • Telescopic Boom LiftOur boom lift can be divided into two types, including telescopic type and articulating type. Our telescopic boom lift is powered by an internal combustion engine. 4*4 driving mode and 4*2 driving mode are available for you to choose. This type of aerial work platform, with a wide operating range, is used to handle aerial operation for a variety of rough terrain. Currently it is ...
  • Mast Climbing Work Platform (Twin)
  • Mast Climbing Work Platform (Twin)This mast climbing work platform has earned the CE Certificate, and can be used indoor and outdoor aerial operations. It is not only used for construction, installation and maintenance work at large construction sites, but also applied for assembling, painting and veneering of buildings.
  • U Low Lift Table
  • U Low Lift TableSpecially-designed "U" shaped table to handle pallets, eliminating the need for a pit or load
    Removable lifting eyes to facilitate installation of lift table
    The U low lift table is in accordance with European safety standards such as EN1570:1999, so please feel secure in using it.

Considering the environmental pollution resulting from diesel forklift trucks, we designed and manufactured products that are mainly driven by electricity or hydraulic pressure. Therefore, our products (manual hydraulic stackers, electric hydraulic stackers, electric pallet trucks, and electric tractors) have low-noise and no pollution, fully meeting environmental requirements.

Our material handling equipment and lifting equipment are utilized in various industries from mechanical, chemical, and food, to building and manufacturing. Currently our electric stackers, forklift trucks, and aerial-work platforms are widely used to move, lift and stack a wide range of heavy and difficult loads in warehouses, stations, distribution centers, hotels, stadiums, shipyards, and more. Due to their high quality and competitive prices, our material handling products have become the first choice of material handling equipment for customers around the world.

As an experienced material handling equipment supplier, we understand how important it is to keep your equipment run smoothly. Therefore, we provide a one year warranty, and lifetime maintenance service, which translates into peace of mind for our customers. If any difficulty occurs within one year, we offer free parts (except wearing parts). And our highly trained service engineers will quickly solve any problems.

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