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  • Semi Electric Stacker (ES 1T)Imported hydraulic lifting pump station with powerful performance
    Pump station is equipped with micro oil drain valve for accurate positioning
    Two wheels are fitted with braking device.
    External high-performance charger from Taiwan
  • Semi Electric Stacker (TS 1T)Semi electric stacker is a product developed from manual hydraulic stacker. It rises by electric driving and walks by human power driving. It provides simple operation, low maintenance and low failure rate. As a result, this stacker is widely used for stacking operations in warehouse, freight station, dock etc.
  • Semi Electric Stacker (MS 1T, 1.5T)The new improved design of our semi electric stacker provides many years of experience. While it moves with the help of human power, it completes lifting operations under electric control. Our stacker is easy to store or transport, as an ideal piece of material handling equipment for warehouse, freight depot, dock and so on.
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