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  • Electric Stacker (TL 1T)Our full electric stacker is assembled from high quality components, and realizes stepless speed regulation. It is able to lift 1T load 5.5 meters off the ground, and lift 2T load 3 meters. The battery cell can be installed from three directions. The stacker employs an auto-induction pedal, which can automatically lower the speed when the pedal is stowed, thus adapting to the walking speed of the operator.
  • Electric Stacker (FL 1T)Triple mast design results in higher lift height and lower height of stacker body. Double-cylinder makes the lifting operations more secure and provides a wider visual field for operators. It adopts auto-induction pedal. When the panel is stowed, the stacker can automatically lower the ...
  • Electric Stacker (WL 1T)Electric stacker of this series is lower in price without compromising in product performance. Using American maintenance-free battery avoids problem like reduced service life of battery (resulting from poor maintenance). This compact stacker is extensively used in the working site with small height and low height.
  • Electric Stacker (WLB 1.25T)This full electric stacker employs Italian Hydrappp pump station to achieve smooth and powerful lifting operation. It consists of DC motor, gear pump, valve and pipeline components, with the features of small size, high reliability, and low noise etc.
    It uses reliable Metalrota driving wheel from Italy, which is equipped with superior disc brake system.
  • Electric Stacker (EL 1.2T)The electric stacker is mainly used to stack bulk material onto a stockpile. It is assembled from imported quality components, with stable performance and low failure rate. Our full electric stacker is especially suitable for operations in narrow aisles and restricted spaces, as the ideal material handling equipment for high rack warehouses, supermarkets and workshops.
  • Battery StackerModel:PBS10E/PBS12E/PBS16E
    Rated capacity (kg):1000 /1200 /1600
    Load center (mm):500 /500 /500
    Total weight without battery (kg):860 /860 /860
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