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  • Electric Counterbalanced Forklift (1T)Our electric counterbalanced forklift is of small size and compact structure, which greatly improves its operational flexibility
    Curtis electrical control system from America for good reliability
    Winner hydraulic pump station for powerful performance
  • Free Lifting Counterbalanced Forklift (1T)The free lifting height of our counterbalanced forklift is 1560mm, enabling it to complete stacking operations in spaces with limited height (e.g.: inner container)
    It adopts high performance Curtis electric control system from America
    The forklift truck employs Winner hydraulic pump station
  • Three Wheel Electric Forklift (1T, 1.6T, 2T)Frequency control and hydraulic power steering, easy to drive
    Our three wheel electric forklift adopts internationally advanced AC motor drive
    technology, with energy regeneration function, eliminating the need for regular brush change
    The integration of regenerative braking and mechanical braking makes the braking more reliable
  • Electric Counterbalance Forklift (2.5T)Our electric counterbalance forklift delivers fashionable design, compact structure, small turning radius, easy operation
    The imported controller can control the excitation current and armature current respectively.
    The electric lift truck has auto anti-skid function, electric current ...
  • Electric ForkliftModel:B15/B18
    Rated Capacity Q/Weight:1500kg/1750kg
    Load Center Distance C/Distance:500mm
    Two-stage Standard Mast H3/Standard lift height:3000mm
  • Reach Forklift Truck (TW 1T, 1.25T)Our reach forklift truck adopts advanced technology from America
    Use MOSFET operating system for high reliability
    Employ American Curtis electric control system, realizing stepless speed regulation
    Import American hydraulic pump station for strong power and stable performance
  • Reach Forklift Truck (TM 1.3T)American Curtis electric control system to realize regenerative braking, plug braking and stepless speed regulation
    Imported Winner hydraulic pump station for stable performance
    Explosion-proof valve to ensure the security of operator in case of hydraulic hose failure
  • Reach Forklift Truck (TR 1T, 1.5T)Our reach forklift truck adopts Curtis electric control system, reliable and easy to operate
    It uses German ZF drive unit, which is of vertical installation, separately excited traction motor, magnetic brake, imported gearbox and driving wheel.
  • 6.0ton~10.0ton Diesel ForkliftModel:FD60/FD70
    Maxi. Power: 117Kw/117Kw
    Maxi. Revolution: 2200rpm/2200rpm
    Oil Consumption Rate:234.9(g/Kw.h)/234.9(g/Kw.h)
  • Diesel Forklift Truck 1.5-5 TonFD15C,FD15CT/ FD18C,FD18CT
    Front tire size:6.50-10-10PR/7.00-12-12PR
    Rear tire size:5.00-8-8PR/18×7-8-14PR
    Length to fork face (mm):2230/2270
  • Off-road ForkliftItem:Value
    Load Center Distance:500mm
    Rated Load:1500kg
    Max. Lifting Height:3000mm
  • CPCY100 Rough Terrain Lift TruckItem:Standard model/Optional model
    Front overhang length(mm):930/930
    Front wheel track(mm):1850/1850
    Rear wheel track(mm)1805/1805
  • ForkliftModel:LS-225/LS-125
    Knifes number:2/2
    Hitch:3 points hitch/Linker type
    Power requested:18-30hp/6-15hp
  • CLCD30 Forklift Rated load:3000kg
    Load center:500mm
    Power type:Diesel/Gasoline
    Max. lifting height:3000mm

Forklift (or forklift truck), is a piece of material handling equipment that is used for loading, unloading, stacking and transporting palletized goods. It is increasingly applied in ports, stations, airports, workshops, warehouses, and distribution centers. In addition, our forklift can perform lifting and transport operations in ships, carriages and containers.

Main Features of Forklifts
1. Easy to operate, simple to maintain
2. Smooth running, high accuracy, outstanding efficiency and reliability
3. Good maneuverability and traction
4. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications

Forklift truck commonly falls into three types, which are internal combustion forklift, electric forklift truck and warehouse forklift.
Internal combustion forklift is usually powered by diesel engine or gasoline engine. It is mainly used in workshops and other working sites that have no special requirement on emission and noise.
Electric forklift truck is driven by electric motor, battery powered. Its carrying capacity ranges from 1.0 to 4.8T, and the width of aisle it operates is from 3.5 to 5.0M. Due to its lower noise and reduced pollution, it is widely used in medical and food industries. Warehouse forklift is specially designed for goods handling operations in warehouses. Most of warehouse forklifts (except manual pallet trucks) are driven by electric motors, featuring compact structure, flexible operation and light weight etc.

As a renowned forklift manufacturer in China, we are able to provide you with quality reach forklift truck, electric counterbalanced forklift, three wheel electric forklift, and so on.

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