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  • Reach Forklift Truck (TW 1T, 1.25T)Our reach forklift truck adopts advanced technology from America
    Use MOSFET operating system for high reliability
    Employ American Curtis electric control system, realizing stepless speed regulation
    Import American hydraulic pump station for strong power and stable performance
  • Reach Forklift Truck (TM 1.3T)American Curtis electric control system to realize regenerative braking, plug braking and stepless speed regulation
    Imported Winner hydraulic pump station for stable performance
    Explosion-proof valve to ensure the security of operator in case of hydraulic hose failure
  • Reach Forklift Truck (TR 1T, 1.5T)Our reach forklift truck adopts Curtis electric control system, reliable and easy to operate
    It uses German ZF drive unit, which is of vertical installation, separately excited traction motor, magnetic brake, imported gearbox and driving wheel.
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  • Walkie Stacker Forklift (1T)Our walkie stacker forklift adopts high performance Curtis electric control system from America
    High-capacity traction battery can generate enough electricity for a whole day workload.
  • Hydraulic Dock LevelerOur hydraulic dock leveler is movable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is mainly used to load containers with stacker or pallet truck. Special sizes are available on request.
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