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  • Semi Electric Aerial Order Picker (TH2-3.3)Our aerial order picker is electrically lift and manually pushed
    Adopt imported Winner hydraulic pump station
    Equipped with maintenance-free battery
    Cause no noise and pollution during operation
  • Semi Electric Aerial Order Picker (TH2-4.5)The order picker can be operated by one person
    There is no noise and pollution in operation
    It adopts Winner hydraulic pump station
    It is electrically lifted and manually pushed
  • Electric Aerial Order Picker (FH3-3.5)The aerial order picker adopts Winner hydraulic pump station
    Advanced duel-wheel drive system
    Italian ZAPI steering system for flexible operation
    Micro oil drain valve for accurate operation
  • Electric Aerial Order Picker (FH3-4.5)Our aerial order picker is equipped with Winner hydraulic pump station.
    It adopts internationally advanced dual-wheel drive system.
    ZAPI steering system from Italy is used to make the operation more flexible
    Micro oil drain valve is used for accurate operation
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