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Telescopic Boom Lift

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Telescopic Boom Lift

The mobile work platform adopts aluminium mast design, which is reliable and flexible. Due to its small size and light weight, it can easily pass ordinary door and narrow passage. Our work platform conforms to the EN92-1:1991, EN292-2-1991and EN280 standards, and is used for 1-2 person aerial work.

Aluminium Work Platform Configurations
Standard leveling leg
Level indicator
Emergency stop button
Charge lamp
Limit switch
Dual controller operation
Emergency lowering device
Overload limit device

Technical Specifications for Mobile Aluminium Work Platform Single Mast (Manual)

Model No. WPA6.5-1000 WPA8-1000
Max. Platform Height mm 6500 8000
Max. Machine Height 7960 9460
Min. Platform Height 620
Ground Clearance 50
Lift Rated Capacity kg 125
Platform Size mm 600*600
Outspread Size 1740*1450
Overall Length mm 1200
Overall Width 690
Overall Height 2050
Overall Net Weight kg 310 340
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