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Mast Climbing Work Platform (Twin)

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Mast Climbing Work Platform (Twin)

This mast climbing work platform has earned the CE Certificate, and can be used indoor and outdoor aerial operations. It is not only used for construction, installation and maintenance work at large construction sites, but also applied for assembling, painting and veneering of buildings.

Technical Specifications for Mast Climbing Work Platform (Twin)

MC1300 MC2000 MC2700
Max. platform length/ Load capacity mm 11900mm/2320kg 1830mm/1700kg 11900mm/4200lkg 15100mm/3800kg 19900mm/3250kg 23100mm/2775kg 26300mm/2315kg 31400mm/2065kg 12600mm/5000kg 20600mm/4000kg 28600mm/3000kg 35000mm/2200kg 40600mm/1500kg
With one side full extended outriggers 20000 15000 20000
Max. height with top anchor mm 15000 15000 13000-20000
Max. height with mast anchored mm 25000 25000 25000
Distance between anchors mm 100000 100000 100000
Overall net weight mm 1250 1250 1250
Max. platform length/ load capacity kg 2*3500 2*4000 2*4000
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