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  • Hand Hydraulic Pallet TruckKey components of the fully sealed oil pump are from Germany, solving the oil leak problem
    The solid chrome-plated piston rod has overload protection, which can control the descent speed.
    Valve plug is an integral piece, easy to maintain.
  • Stainless Pallet TruckStainless pallet truck, as its name implies, is composed of stainless parts, which include stainless hydraulic pump, fork frame, push rod, bearing and so on. Our pallet truck is mainly applied in meat and other food industries.
  • Scissor Lift Pallet TruckOur scissor lift pallet truck features great look, simple structure and flexible operation. The pallet truck conforms to CE safety standard and meets ergonomic requirements. So please feel secure in using it.
  • Pallet Truck ScaleOur pallet truck scale adopts Mettler-Toledo sensor and scale meter, resulting in high weighing accuracy (±1kg in 2000kg). The scale can clearly display the weight of the load on the forks.
  • Pallet Truck1. Our hydraulic pallet truck is designed with an integral type casting fuel cylinder and the drop speed of the cylinder will not be affected by the load.
    2. Our hydraulic pallet trucks use an imported seal ring and have a chrome coated cylinder rod.
    3. The internal overflow valve offers overload protection and thus maintenance costs are reduced.
  • 2T Premium Range Pedestrian Pallet TruckThis pallet truck enjoys high working efficiency. The compact chassis allows for ease of maneuverability in limited spaces. Also, the unique steering pivot makes the drive motor suspend during steering.
  • Heavy Pallet TruckModel:HD50
    Rated loading capacity(kg):5000
    Pallet fork min. / max. height(mm):90/200
    Width of a single fork(mm):210
  • Four Direction Pallet TruckItem /model:AC-Two
    Rated load Q(kg):1500
    Pallet fork min. height h(mm):85
    Pallet fork max. height h1(mm):85-170-210
  • Hand Pallet TruckOur hand pallet trucks are characterized by its simplicity, rugged construction, smooth handling and unparalleled maneuverability. With heavy duty construction, this hand pallet truck can face the challenge of even the toughest applications.
  • Hand Pallet TruckModel:NR25N
    Capacity kg/lb.:2500/5500
    Max.Fork Height(H)mm/in.:95/121/165/195/200 / 3.7/4.8/6.5/7.7/7.9
    Min.Fork Height(S)mm/in.:35/51/65/75/80 / 1.4/2.0/2.6/2.9/3.1
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  • Electric TractorStanding, lever type operation
    Small size for easy turning
    Imported Curtis electric control system, realizing stepless speed regulation
    Carrying capacity of this electric tractor is 1-2 T
  • Electric CartOur electric cart is available in several styles to meet your different requirements
    Low noise, no pollution, simple to maintain
    Use man-machine integrated control handle for flexible operation
  • Electric Counterbalanced Forklift (1T)Our electric counterbalanced forklift is of small size and compact structure, which greatly improves its operational flexibility
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