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  • Scissor Lift Table(Hydraulic Lift Table)Our scissor lift table is of small size and light weight.
    Adopt handy hydraulic foot pump to elevate formed-edge platform for reduced strain and fatigue
    Be applied for lifting, transporting, assembling, stacking and unstacking applications
    Conform to EN1757-4
  • Hand Lift TableOur hand lift table is of ergonomic design and compact structure.
    Handle with plate protection or handle with rubber is optional
    Conform to EN1757-4
  • Large Manual Lift TableOur large manual lift table employs a scissor mechanism to raise and lower materials. This lifting equipment is suitable for various highly specialized industrial processes. Main uses of our lift table include work positioning in manufacturing, materials positioning, pallet loading and unloading.
  • Electric Lift TableOur electric lift table is the lifting equipment used to raise and lower materials, which provides ergonomic positioning for operators, thus greatly improving productivity. It is commonly used in such industries as warehousing and distribution, light assembly and metalworking etc.
  • Fixed Hydraulic Lift TableType:Single fork
    Rated load (kg):900/900/1000
    Lifting distance (m):0.5/0.85/0.97
  • Stationary Lift Table (Single Scissor)Our stationary lift table is of heavy duty design
    High quality AC power pack from Europe
    Heavy duty cylinders equipped with drainage system and check valve to stop lift table lowering in case of hose failure
  • Stationary Lift Table(Double Scissors)This stationary lift table comes in a vast array of sizes, and is designed to suit various industrial processes. This lifting equipment is easy to use and simple to maintain. The capacity of this product series ranges from 1000KG to 4000KG.
  • U Low Lift TableSpecially-designed "U" shaped table to handle pallets, eliminating the need for a pit or load
    Removable lifting eyes to facilitate installation of lift table
    The U low lift table is in accordance with European safety standards such as EN1570:1999, so please feel secure in using it.
  • Low Profile Lift TableOur low profile lift table is of heavy duty design, with a large platform
    Remote power pack with pedestal and controls
    External power pack equipped with a compensated flow valve to control lowering speed
    Standard loading ramp
  • Hydraulic Dock LevelerOur hydraulic dock leveler is movable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is mainly used to load containers with stacker or pallet truck. Special sizes are available on request.

Lift table is a kind of multifunctional material handling equipment used for raising or lowering materials in such a way as to provide ergonomic positioning for operators.

Lift tables can be divided into different types. As per different structure, it contains scissor lift table, telescopic mast LT, telescopic cylindrical LT, telescopic arm lift table and folding arm lift table. According to different moving mode, it has stationary type, self-propelled type, car-carrying type, and others. Our lift table is widely used in a variety of industries, such as factory, parking lot, automatic warehouse, logistics, dock, building, decoration, transportation, power, petroleum, chemical, stadium, and more.

Different lift tables have different features and applications, and here we give some examples:
1. Stationary lift table
With good lifting stability, the lifting equipment is mainly used to adjust the height of workpiece when assembling, send materials to feeding machine, raise and lower parts when assembling large-scale equipment, load and unload material for large-size machine tool and so on.
2. Car-carrying lift table
The lift table is fixed on battery car or truck, and is connected to car engine to realize the lifting function of lift table, thus improving its maneuverability. It can be used for aerial operations in factories.
3. Hydraulic lift table
The lift table features smooth lifting, high accuracy and good carrying ability. It is widely used in the production of automobile, container and mould, woodworking, and chemical filling etc.
4. Folding-arm lift table
It is easy to move and convenient to transport, ideal for both indoor and outdoor operations.
5. Telescopic cylindrical lift table
It is designed for one person aerial work, and mainly used for installation and maintenance work of power circuit, lighting appliances and overhead pipeline.

Our company is an experienced lift table manufacturer and supplier in China. It specializes in producing various kinds of reliable and efficient material handling equipment and lifting equipment, such as electric lift table, electric stacker, scissor lift, electric pallet truck, and tow tractor etc.

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