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  • Scissor Lift Table(Hydraulic Lift Table)Our scissor lift table is of small size and light weight.
    Adopt handy hydraulic foot pump to elevate formed-edge platform for reduced strain and fatigue
    Be applied for lifting, transporting, assembling, stacking and unstacking applications
    Conform to EN1757-4
  • Hand Lift TableOur hand lift table is of ergonomic design and compact structure.
    Handle with plate protection or handle with rubber is optional
    Conform to EN1757-4
  • Large Manual Lift TableOur large manual lift table employs a scissor mechanism to raise and lower materials. This lifting equipment is suitable for various highly specialized industrial processes. Main uses of our lift table include work positioning in manufacturing, materials positioning, pallet loading and unloading.
  • Electric Lift TableOur electric lift table is the lifting equipment used to raise and lower materials, which provides ergonomic positioning for operators, thus greatly improving productivity. It is commonly used in such industries as warehousing and distribution, light assembly and metalworking etc.
  • Fixed Hydraulic Lift TableType:Single fork
    Rated load (kg):900/900/1000
    Lifting distance (m):0.5/0.85/0.97
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