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  • Electric TractorStanding, lever type operation
    Small size for easy turning
    Imported Curtis electric control system, realizing stepless speed regulation
    Carrying capacity of this electric tractor is 1-2 T
  • Tow Tractor (TQ30 2T, 3T)Light weight, compact structure
    Low electricity consumption, smooth running, easy access to any goods
    Adopt imported MOS tube programmable stepless speed regulating system
    The tow tractor is available in several colors, such as red and orange
  • Tow Tractor (TQ-1 5T)Seat-down, steering wheel type operation
    The tow tractor adopts Curtis electric control system, which can realize stepless speed regulation
    State-of-the-art design, good looking
    High-capacity battery with intelligent charger for a longer service life
  • 2-6T Electric Tow TractorThe Hangcha light model electric tow tractor comes with a towing capacity 2-6t. It is ideal for long-travel and multi-shift applications. It adopts many components that also used in forklift truck, such as the power train and heavy-duty brakes.
  • 10-15T Electric Tow TractorOur 10-15T electric tow tractor is carefully and simply designed with reference to that of the forklift truck. It consists of parts that also can be found in the forklift, including the transmission, heavy-duty brakes, etc. Due to these high quality components, the vehicle is now broadly used in occasions with the need of long-travel and multi-shift.
  • Electric Tow TractorProduct Model:BDD10
    Power unit:Electric
    Load capacity:1000kg
    Service weight:1100kg
  • Electric CartOur electric cart is available in several styles to meet your different requirements
    Low noise, no pollution, simple to maintain
    Use man-machine integrated control handle for flexible operation

We are a Chinese material handling equipment manufacturer , specializes in designing and producing electric stacker, electric forklift, aerial work platform, electric pallet truck, electric lift table as well as some industrial vehicles such as tow tractor and electric cart. Our products have passed the ISO9001 and CE certificates, and are exported to many countries. If you have a need for any of our products .

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